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Ebotse offers premium global CCTV & Surveillance Systems to suit your every need.

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When it comes to Video Surveillance Ebotse is proud to partner with six of the premium global CCTV Surveillance brands in the world, namely: Hikvision, AXIS, Uniview, ProVision, Bosch and Dahua.

The reason why we are so passionate about these video surveillance partners are simple, they are the top sellers in the world when it comes to CCTV Surveillance.
When it comes to Access Control, Ebotse is proud to offer the following brands, namely: Hikvision and Virdi. Each of these partners are a well-known brand that is distributed worldwide and has its own distinctive set of characteristics and advantages.

A time and attendance system provides many benefits to organizations. It enables an employer to have full control of all employees working hours. It helps control labour costs by reducing over-payments which are often caused by transcription error, interpretation error and intentional error.
A fire can literally be a matter of life and death, which is why Ebotse only installs the best products available on the market to safeguard lives and protect our clients’ assets.

Ebotse works with Bosch, and can therefor offer a broad portfolio of products and systems for accurate, reliable fire detection and notification. Our solutions provide precise, life-saving information at critical moments. What’s more, the integrated Bosch system provides a complete safety chain, from earliest detection to an orderly evacuation.

It’s been proven that members of the public pay greater attention to the spoken word than to bells or sounders, which is why Public Address forms an integral part of a greater security system and why that system needs to be supported by quality, reliability and performance.

As such, Ebotse is proud to partner with Bosch. Not only are they a world leader when it comes to Public Address and Voice Evacuation products, but their PA/Evac equipment is fully integrated with their Bosch Fire Detection equipment too.
Wireless Data Transfer Technology at its Finest

LigoWave develops high performance wireless products with the emphasis on innovation, versatility, and affordability. The LigoWave team strives to revolutionize the way people see wireless, with the ultimate goal to better connect the world; they have succeeded in doing so by putting their products into the hands of customers in over 150 countries.

Their products have connected people who live in areas with no access to data, enhanced security of industrial applications, and empowered many others in ways previously thought impossible. They know the relentless desire for data will prompt new and demanding wireless applications and to be the market’s leading solution provider.
Microsound grew up with most of us. There’s hardly a School Teacher, a Secretary or Principal that hasn’t at some time or other addressed his students through a Microsound School Intercom System. Created in 1986 - Microsound turned 30 this year. Known over the years for supplying reliable and locally manufactured intercom, nurse-call, public address and access control products, Microsound now gears itself to face the new Millennium.
PolyComp is a Market Leader in the field of Programmable Electronic Displays and offer a full range of displays that can be custom designed and developed for your unique requirements, or one of our standard text products that only requires a keyboard for entering text. All PolyComp’s products are CE approved and manufactured with high standards.

Standard products are enclosed with attractive, powder coated or anodized aluminium extrusions. Outdoor enclosures are manufactured in accordance with IP Standards. PolyComp products will ensure that important, ever-changing information will be easily available and visible to a few persons at a time (teller indicators for banks) or stadium spectators (score-boards used for cricket, soccer, rugby, etc.)